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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Nov 22, 2016

« When you’ve got an idea, a spark or something that you want to do, you find means and ways to make it happen. » - Danny McMillan, about the essence of an entrepreneur

Here is a quote from my guest this week, Danny McMillan. He is an entrepreneur and private label Amazon seller, but also an international speaker.

We talk PPC advertising. And because Danny explains it so well, here is a direct transcript of our interview together :

« So, anyone who's out there in the audience now will maybe go, "Okay, I need to drive traffic to my website to earn money."

So, let's just say you've got a small construction business, like we built out, is that we take it right down to the fact that it's a landing page.

You research your market, you create your customer avatar, but you only build that one landing page. You do your keyword research, and then what you do is you run tests, because you'll want to know if that market's going to work for you before you do any investments.

Because, a lot of people run off and go and get their copyrights sorted, their trademark in, their branding, and all this stuff, but you need to really test these things first to see if you've got a viable business.

There are books out there. I think Eric Ries has got a book, like the Lean Startup. 

Some segments out of that, I'll give an example, is just you want to find your minimal viable product. In this case, your minimal viable opportunity for business.

I learned a lot by launching just a landing page, running PPC to it for a week to see if there's anything there. If it didn't work, I could dump it and then come up with a new idea. But, I didn't just waste six to eight months of my life.

So, the next part of that is that if you don't understand how AdWords worked, you can pay what's called "idiot tax" where you're learning.

I think it's quicker to spend time getting a pilot's license than it is to really understand AdWords correctly, because it's quite a sophisticated system, unlike Amazon.

Amazon's sponsored ads platform is very, very easy. So, if you've got any knowledge on Facebook ads or AdWords ads, you'll find the structure in place is very, very simple to use Amazon ads. Anyone can use them. I could show someone, in an hour, how to get up and running, and pretty much, they'll be on their way. »

And this is just a glimpse of it !

We go on and talk about the difference between PPC advertising on Amazon, Google Adwords, Facebook and we also talk about the platform MERCH by Amazon.

And also, Danny shares a few steps to follow when starting your online business on a limited budget.

You haven’t tuned in yet ? What are you waiting for ?

Here is where you should go to know more about Danny :