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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Sep 22, 2015

Zach Spuckler is the founder of Heart, Soul, & Hustle. His passion is teaching young entrepreneurs how to harness their passion, and take action to create a business they can be proud of. He guide people who don’t have tens-of-thousands of dollars to invest in a business. He is also a Social Media Strategist helping online entrepreneurs to optimize their online presence with Periscope Marketing and Facebook Advertising. In his first 30 days on Periscope, he generated over $10k in sales without a prior social media presence through his company, Heart, Soul & Hustle.

In this interview Zach talks about his first online business, ‘No fuss vegan’, which he launched within 6 months. He used social media, social media marketing & blogging to launch it. He thinks that he was leveraging all the stuff he do combined with his passion. When high amount of action whether perfect or imperfect takes place and combined with this passion & desire you have then you really do see the success and explosive growth.  From a practical point of view he leverage the power of his Facebook group and he became very good at networking and had a huge fan following on Facebook. Market well, create well, & then leverage both with your passion. It was his passion project.

Zach believes in moving forward and the further you move, the less you dwell on the hardships from the past. Business is frustrating and will throw you off balance. But his mantra is to acknowledge his feelings, get upset about it but then move on. Zach also talks about Periscope and gives advice on how to use it for one’s business, how once can repurpose content from the videos on their scopes, why he explored it so much and what are the benefits. It’s the first app which lets you connect with your audience live and in more authentic way.

It's a chance to be raw and authentic with your audience. People love real thing and Periscope gives you the ability to give them something real, not polished manuscript but who you really are. He explains two under known things about Periscope which people don’t know about it. He also shares the balance between sharing Personal content vs. Business content on it. Listen to this interview and learn more about Periscope, and how to create a business out of your passion!

You can learn more about Zach at