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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

May 24, 2016

Eric is the CEO of a rapidly growing digital marketing agency, Digital Grain. He’s an author and entrepreneur who has proved that his methods work when it comes to hiring, sales, marketing and productivity which in turns cut the sales force. He also regularly collaborates with Forbes and entrepreneur magazines and he’s an expert in helping one learn strategies and tactics to make your online business grow and mistakes to avoid along-the way.


In this interview Fabienne and Eric discuss about digital marketing, Eric's career & business path, how he transitioned from a full time job and being a video gamer into running a successful digital marketing company. Eric shares the latest trends in digital marketing in which Google advertising is the hottest and most reliable nowadays. Sharing his views on blogging and content marketing Eric says  that in the first 2 years of starting a business one should only focus on the business itself rather than anything else. Starting your own blog and writing on it is much better than writing on someone else's blog. In using social media for sharing blog posts Eric suggests that focus on a single platform when you publish a blog post. He also shares some great tips on YouTube marketing and advertising. Listen to this interview to know latest trends going on in the digital marketing world!




"I'm going to get simple and proven marketing strategies from these self-made entrepreneurs, forming a true "Virtual Mastermind" so you can model them and experiment steady growth for your own business in the next 6 months"

- Fabienne Raphael