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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Feb 16, 2016

Lindsay is a marketing coach at MentureME and her goal is to help others capitalize on their underutilized assets and provide innovative and unique marketing solutions to make success attainable. MentureME Inc and Associates, is founded by husband Stephen Gill & wife Lindsay Gill, and it offers successful entrepreneurs a unique systematized process for extraordinary business growth to attain higher income and more freedom in their business and life.


In this interview Fabienne & Lindsay discuss two school of thoughts regarding how to drive traffic to your website. Lindsay share her views about paid traffic & sending a high quality message to the target audience. But her viewpoint is that it all comes down to proper targeting & having a great offer. They also discuss about the mistakes entrepreneurs make the most in outperforming their competitors and increasing their sales. Discussing Unique Selling Proposition, Lindsay gives the answer to the most questioned question that why here are so many businesses in the market since many years but they still don’t have a USP. And she describes it in detail with 3 aspects of marketing. Listen to this interview & learn the advice & answers of an authentic marketing coach!