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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Nov 3, 2015

Corinna is the owner of Social media worldwide, a social media management company helping entrepreneurs leverage the power of social media without all the hard work.


In this interview Fabienne and Corinna talks about social media and it’s strategies. According to her the people who have big audiences are celebrities mainly, and the other people are those who introduced something new & innovative in the market. She also talks about how she has created a social media agency by only Twitter platform and now helping companies with all other social media platforms. How she has shaped her business from ‘Done for you’ service into a subscription based service and what are the benefits for her clients. She also discusses the 3 most important ways to effectively manage social media platforms and which are in short, creating a strategic plan, choosing the right type of platform and lastly creating a good content plan. Corinna thinks that business owners should only choose what they can commit to. As long as they can manage 3 platforms which fits their marketing plan and goals, it’s fine to choose 3 platforms otherwise stick to one platform in the beginning. Also it’s not very ideal when people choose an app to populate all platforms with one piece of content and she also explains the reason for doing that. They also discuss the future of Facebook pages and compare them with Facebook groups. Corinna thinks that to be an entrepreneur, you don’t have to get skilled in everything. Corinna explains in detail the strength of each social media platform from Facebook, to Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram, plus she also explains the future of social media platforms and how businesses will benefit from them with their own TV channels for broadcasting their videos. Listen to this amazing discussion about social media platforms and learn the future of social media! You can learn more on Corinna at