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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Apr 5, 2016

Kerry is the CEO of Exit strategy group. Kerry is Australia’s Most Respected Exit Strategy Advisor When it comes to being able to ‘monetise’ a business for sale, Kerry Boulton has over $15.4 million worth of runs on the board from businesses she has successfully helped build and sell over the past three decades. Kerry Boulton is the international author of The Uncensored TRUTH About Exit Strategies: 10 Myths Every Business Owner Must Know Before Creating Their Exit Strategy.


In this interview Fabienne and Kerry discuss about the exit strategy for a business. According to Kerry, it doesn't matter if you're an online business owner or a brick and mortar, having an exit strategy is very important as an investor in your own business. Fabienne asks Kerry a question regarding branding that is it good to have a business on your name, and she advises to have your business on it's own as what services you offer. Kerry shares her advice for entrepreneurs who are in love with their businesses but when it comes to sell them how shall they handle their feelings and how to plan for it. She also shares tips about evaluating a business and knowing it's worth. Listen to this interview and get to know how to take care of your business even when it’s time to sell it.




"I'm going to get simple and proven marketing strategies from these self-made entrepreneurs, forming a true "Virtual Mastermind" so you can model them and experiment steady growth for your own business in the next 6 months"


- Fabienne Raphael