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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Aug 2, 2016

I met Cliff 3 years ago at Podcast Movement and I remember that it was very pleasant.

And it felt exactly the same, talking to him for 20-25 minutes during this podcast interview.

Remember Episode 208 with Kevin Rogers, when we discussed the saying :

« Follow the passion and the money will follow»?


Well, we get into it again, because Cliff has another view on it.


He quotes Dan Miller and mentions that there are 3 things required to enjoy a successful business:

  • You must be passionate about the topic
  • You must have talent
  • And you must have an economic model if you want to turn your passion in a business.


This whole idea of success brought me to ask him about how he is feeling now that he has lost 100 pounds.


  • Is financial success enough?
  • To feel congruent, do you also need to have success personally?
  • Is taking care of you part of feeling like a success?


We go quite deep into these thoughts and it will definitely make you think about it for yourself too.


Finally, we get into the topic of paying for premium podcast content: is it new, is it old, what are the advantages or disadvantages of it…

If you’ve never thought about making people pay to listen to your podcast, well, you’ll get some ideas there too.


This episode is the story of a man who strongly believed in his life mission and decided to let go of financial security, take a leap of faith and build something solid and sustainable for his family.


The lessons learned:

  • Embrace your life mission and do what you have to do to impact the world with it.
  • Endure the temporary discomfort of changing a bad habit of mistreating your own body: it’s worth it – the change is amazing, personally and in the business.


Ways to connect with Cliff: