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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

May 9, 2017

Do you know what 80/20 stands for ?

Let’s describe what it means in your yearly revenue as a business owner.


80% of your revenue is produced by 20% of your clients.


So if you concentrate on these 20%, and you make them repeat business with you, then, you are already in a good position !

And the best thing is that if you dig deeper into the concept…

Among these 20%, 20% of these people will be responsible of 80% of the revenue that they bring to your business…




And I am not done.

What is even more exciting about the 80/20 is that it’s litterally everywhere.

Even in places you never thought it would be !


Let me tell you.


The best person to talk about this is the author of the book « 80/20 Sales and Marketing » himself Perry Marshall.

And I was delighted to have interviewed him for my podcast.

Perry has this ability to explain, segment, and detail all the elements of the 80/20 to make them very understandable.

We talk about

  • a few crucial sales and marketing elements around the 80/20 rule
  • the biggest mistake that marketers do by avoiding the 80/20 in their sales and marketing
  • how segmenting each step of your funnels is an effective way to leverage your business revenue
  • and so much more !



I know that I might have said it for earlier episodes, but I say it again.

This one is a must-listen.


Just applying one of the concepts that Perry explains will make major changes in your business.

So imagine if you implement all the techniques that he explains.

(I’ll leave you extra time to visualize what it could do for you…)


Tune in and listen carefully.

Take notes.


Buy the book !

And most importantly, implement.


Enjoy !

If you want to know more about Perry Marshall or buy the book: