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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Oct 11, 2016

This week, meet Cynthia Johnson.

Cynthia has a very interesting story and background, plus, a very busy agenda.

She deals with a lot of responsibilities and is master at managing each of them.

Here is how she does it:

  • Schedule,
  • Calendar,
  • Content Development,
  • Content Repurposing (which is something that so many people forget to do!)

Then, we talk about a strategy that many business owners use to build their brand.

Being a contributor to a major publication.

Have you ever done it?

From her experience, Cynthia advises to first have an expertise and second, find useful content to share. Here is what she thinks about it:

“I feel that sometimes people want to write for publications before they know what they want to write about, and it’s really important to first figure out what and why you’re writing somewhere.”

After that, we dive into building social media presence.

  • Having a tribe.
  • Contribute and help other people.
  • Have conversations.

Remember that those conversations are often inspiration for your content creation.

And the goal about social media is not to become famous. It’s to get your message across.

So when you understand that, there is a lot of pressure off your shoulders!

Along with these social media conversations, make sure to add some live streaming.

And the more you add a human element in these live streamings, the more you have chances for them to go viral, to create results beyond expectations.

The moral of the story here is that sometimes, we tend to overcomplicate things. But we shouldn’t.

What’s the number one element to consider when building your brand, tribe, & business?

Help People by Starting a Conversation. 



Ways to connect with Cynthia

Twitter: @cynthialive

Snapchat: @Cyninla