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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Aug 16, 2016

Name of guest: Sarah Kaler


This week, I have a pleasant conversation with Sarah Kaler. She is a leadership coach & business consultant.

And as probably some or many of you, she started her entrepreneurial journey accidentally.

She was good in her corporate job, but she was also surrounded with so many brilliant entrepreneurs.

At a certain point, she decided to start her own business part-time. And she was eventually able to make it grow to her full time income.


Entrepreneurship is no Easy Road


You all know that the road of the typical entrepreneur is not a straight line.

There are bumps.

There are challenges.

There are setbacks.

There are opportunities missed.

But there are also health issues sometimes.


Which is what Sarah faced along the way.


There are 2 ways of reacting to it when it happens.

  • Either you let it weaken you.
  • Or either you let it strengthen you.


Sarah chose the hard way, but it eventually paid off!


She went through a major lifestyle makeover and finally got to experience balance and success in her life, with the mantra “Less is More” always in mind.


Finally, we end our discussion with a few thoughts on Kevin O’Leary’s quote about women in business:  

"Women made better CEOs, and all things being equal, given the choice between a woman and a man, I would pick the woman every time."


Listen in and share your thoughts in the comments box.