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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Jul 19, 2016

Name of guest: Shelley Davidescu

I had a very pleasant interview with an inspiring guest, Shelley.

We start the interview directly by stating how human beings are powerful and gifted and how when we really understand how to harness the power of our emotions, we are limitless.

Do you agree?

It’s amazing because Shelley’s story relates with so many other people, still experiencing the 9 to 5, or with those who have already taken the leap into entrepreneurship.

She had a job and was expecting a raise. Of course, she was an extremely good employee and did everything to get that raise.

But when that day came, she was told that the company had no budget and that they could not secure that raise.


What would you do?

Now. If any of you is in that situation. What do you do?

It's too easy to put the fault on anybody else. Your boss. The economy. The company you work for.

But guess what?

The only person that led you to be in that situation is yourself. And the only person able to get you out of this situation is yourself.

And that’s what Shelley did. And that’s what led her to have a successful business today.


Of course, it implied discomfort. Insecurity. A transition period.

But as we agreed in the interview, when put in discomfort, your brain “stretches”. It puts you in solution mode.

It makes you discover qualities within yourself that you never thought existed before! And it pushes you to go forward.

Of course, wanting to go forward and doing what it takes to go forward are 2 things.


Do you Struggle with This?

A lot of entrepreneurs struggle with the fear of being judged, not being good enough. They stay in obscurity and are afraid to put themselves out there.

About this, here are Shelley’s words:

“Not everybody's going to agree with your philosophy, and I feel like that's one of the things that every entrepreneur has to come to terms with, is what am I going to do when somebody disagrees with me. That keeps a lot of entrepreneurs stuck to reaching new levels because if you're not feeling secure and confident about what you're going to say when you have somebody who doesn't agree with you, or has a tough conversation with you, then it's going to keep you out of the game.”


Ways to connect with Shelley:

She invites you to join her Facebook Community called “Health Coaches Make Bank Mastermind”