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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Jun 21, 2016

Abbey is the copywriter and content strategist for six and seven figure plus businesses. She’s been writing copy since 7th grade when she tried to make a boy fall in love with her by writing a 30 page novella and now she writes her own blog, On Life and Writing dot com.


In this interview Fabienne discusses copywriting with Abbey and Abbey shares lots of great authentic information along with her opinions. Talking about her book ‘How To Learn Voice’ Abbey defines 'voice' and explains what would be the first thing an online entrepreneur could do to find his own voice. She suggests there are 3 parts which makes a voice: tone, vocabulary and length. Abbey also explains in detail 3 steps to recognize your voice. She gives clear and informative answers for entrepreneurs in finding the right copywriter and how and when they should delegate the copywriting process, in what extent they should be involved in the process themselves. She also gives advice for copywriters in order for them to write a great copy for their clients according to the right market. Listen to this amazing discussion to get the strategies behind writing a great copy!




"I'm going to get simple and proven marketing strategies from these self-made entrepreneurs, forming a true "Virtual Mastermind" so you can model them and experiment steady growth for your own business in the next 6 months"


- Fabienne Raphael