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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Apr 12, 2016

Robert Hartline is the founder of Call Proof. A serial entrepreneur, he built his businesses to where today they generate $24 Million in total revenue. His expertise around sales and automating follow up sequences helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and salespeople, contributing to millions of dollars in additional sales.


In this interview Fabienne asks Robert different aspects of selling and he shares his advice along-with great tips and tricks. Robert explains the exercise of overcoming fear in detail  and shares his opinion that as a salesperson, people don’t reject you but the idea of a product itself. He shares his unique advice on becoming an expert at selling by doing a role play with 2 kinds of players. One can record the whole process but the more important thing is to have someone else to critique it. The most important part of the interview is where Robert shares about how many kinds of objections there are and how a salesman can react to those objections. Listen to this interview to get to know amazing advice on rapport building, following up on prospects and what are the two important follow-ups nowadays!