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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Feb 2, 2016

Harneet is a digital marketing expert and a speaker. He’s been in this for long time now & works with one of the best brands in the national & international space. He has also added value in tons of events across the nation.  


In this interview Fabienne discusses digital marketing with Harneet Bhalla. Harneet suggests how to choose the right business and social media platform for it. He doesn’t believe in ‘go with your gut and you can monetize anything’ perspective. What he suggests is that you really need to understand if there’s an audience for your selected area or not who can pay you money. For startups Harneet advice is if you’re starting out, first research where your passion lies and if it can bring you good money then go for it. Harneet also shares 3 simple steps for startups to choose the right social media platform with 3 best examples. He says that a business owner needs 2 things ROI on their efforts and the proof that they can actually make money and establish their online business. Fabienne also discusses launch model and sequence model for a business and Harneet explains in detail which one is beneficial for which business owner and how to choose the right model. The short answer is to have JVs and affiliates to promote. Listen to this interview to get a short lesson on digital marketing!