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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Jan 19, 2016

Nathan Chan is the editor in chief, publisher & founder of the Digital Magazine which is available on Apple newsstand and Android Google Play store. He’s also the host of a podcast, The founder podcast. He has interviewed & connected with some of the interesting & innovative business leaders of the world such as Tim Ferris, Ariana Huffington, Sir Richard Brenson & many more.  


In this interview Fabienne & Nathan talk about giving your brand it's own identity or making yourself a brand, what's better... Nathan explained in an easy way and giving perfect examples of the Virgin company where Richard Brenson has built a multimillion business. He says that the biggest things he has learned around is speed, branding, the power of design and connecting yourself with influencers and having services that were extremely valuable. Being an entrepreneur you really have to move fast and that should be your # 1 goal. And also focusing on the things that truly matter. Focus and creating a product that fits the market need is important for a business. To achieve tenacious goals, move fast as possible in execution. Nathan explains why he doesn't want to be a brand himself and is not interested in teaching people how to create a digital magazine. He gives many reasons and also explains that why it's important to sell your services on how to build a business, but not to sell your idea to others. Listen to this amazing interview to know Nathan's advice!