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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Jan 12, 2016

Russ Ruffino, the founder of Clients on Demand™, helps experts build reliable marketing and sales processes that attract 5-10 new potential clients / day, scaling to six-figures / month. True lifestyle entrepreneur, Russ enjoys traveling, and helping others create the freedom they want.


In this interview Russ & Fabienne discusses about how to deal with prices of services & products when you want to control them. Russ gives three possible reasons why business owners are afraid to increase prices and he also explains how they can control it and not feel bad about it. He explains the benefits of having one premium product and having fewer clients rather than 1000 products with 50 clients. Russ gives possible recommendations of how to grow your business & what techniques are best suitable for startups in terms of conventional techniques such as content marketing. The best coaching for startups in Russ's opinion is group coaching & the worst is one-on-on. He also explains an optimal approach to deal with both coaching programs and take benefit of both! Listen to this interview to know how!