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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Dec 29, 2015

Greg Turner is an author and entrepreneur. He’s the author of the book Supersize Your Business, the digital marketing guide to transform leads to profits. He is a consummate entrepreneur who has been using technology to find solutions to challenges facing small and medium sized businesses for over 10 years.


In this interview Fabienne and Greg discussed how to differentiate yourself from competitors and Greg has this opinion that entrepreneurs, if, are good at something they should write about it and publish it. He gives 3 best ways of how to differentiate among so many other same business professionals. From launching a podcast to publishing a book, to great marketing, Greg has some great advice for online startups. Fabienne also discussed why businesses should attract more clients than going after them, and Greg advised that entrepreneurs should attract clients by establishing authority and he gives best examples of how to attract clients with social media. They discuss leveraging social media to attracting new clients and the 3 best possible ways to use it. Listen to this interview to know amazing advice from Greg the author of Supersize Your Business!