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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Jan 5, 2016

Todd is a retired hedge fund manager turned money coach and financial blogger. At the age of 23 his net worth was $0 and 12 years later he was a millionaire. He details his system that he uses with clients to achieve millionaire status.


In this interview Fabienne & Todd talks about the relationship with money and financial freedom. Todd thinks that there is no absolute when it comes to success. Everything has a good and bad attribute depending on the situation and how well it’s managed. There’s no absolute as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. People make wealth brick by brick by taking thousands of decisions every single day. Every decision you take makes you closer to your financial goals, and you make a structure of your habits then it’s easy to achieve your objectives with those habits. So habits can form that relationship. People should focus on first how to build a wealth plan and then it comes to managing your goals with your habits. After that comes taking massive action. Todd gives people the insider’s understanding about the coaching business, what to watch out for, how to know with whom you’re involved with, it’s really the story inside the financial business because it’s a high ticket item and people know this. He created 7 steps and these 7 steps were resulted in working with lots of clients. There are 7 sequential steps on the journey. These 7 steps are designed in a way that you can pick and choose the pieces that are relevant to you to fill the gap of your knowledge and your practice. Todd thinks that each strategy adds to a little bit more until you reach to a point at which you’ve got something quite good. Todd talks about his business succes when he launched his podcast. Listen to this amazing interview to learn the secrets of becoming financially & personally free!