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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Dec 8, 2015

Michael has been called as hottest author by the Boston Globe and the marketing guru by the Wall street journal. He has written 6 books. Among these books you’re see solid and the New York Times best seller as the thing big manifesto. Michael is the top entrepreneur, coach, speaker and author.


  In this interview Fabienne and Michael discusses his book Steal the Show, which is on public performance and speaking. Michael shares lots of hidden secrets of giving presentations and how to perform in public. He explains his viewpoint that performance is just a big element and it’s not about public speaking on stage or in a hotel conference room, but it’s about performing during life’s high stake situations. The quality of our life is in large part determined by how well we perform during those situations. When it comes to public speaking, there’s a 7-step process. Michael says preparation when meets Improvisation, in public performance you get authentic spontaneity and that’s what you get to watch. He also shares his viewpoints on presentations that people assume that a shorter performance is easier but that’s not necessarily the case. Because you don’t have a lot of time for fillers and mistakes and you have to deliver something big at very short time. There are different ways to behave and perform in different media. So there are different processes to go through these different kinds of mediums. According to him the most important part of speaking after the preparation is caring more about serving the audience than how you look - not just physically but also mentally. Michael offer frameworks, ways into development of concepts, ways into rehearsals and performance. He says that whenever someone is giving a presentation they should know that you don’t need to make a huge splash when you’re opening. You can very easily and smoothly start a presentation in a conversational way or a way the world looks to the conversation.