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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Dec 1, 2015

Daryl Urbanski, Founder and President of, is best known for his ability to create seven-figure, automated income streams from scratch. A Canadian turned So Cal, Daryl has quickly climbed the entrepreneurial ladder, gaining respect from thousands of small business owners worldwide. From author to speaker, marketer to coach - Daryl's multi-faceted business approach sets him apart as one of the leading business experts of his generation.


In this interview Fabienne and Daryl talks about entrepreneurship, internet marketing & podcasting. Daryl thinks that it’s really important that you play to your strengths and your passions when you’re an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur we have our own visions, but being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean that you can do it all by yourself. There are lot of unnecessary business failures just because people try to do it all by themselves. When someone wants to start a new business, they try to waste time in developing a product when they haven’t exactly done market research; they haven’t had anyone validate their idea. Because sometimes the product did get sell on its launch because of the support from personal network but that same product is not needed in the market. So then there are no buyers and that’s why most businesses die. A lot of entrepreneurs look for fulfill themselves; they’re not looking to fulfill other people. Daryl gives few steps to launch an online business and then do the right internet marketing for it. He thinks that Internet Marketing is extremely efficient only when you have the right product. Daryl also shares his experience of being a podcaster and says that being a podcaster helps create a lot of goodwill in the community. It helps base a really good foundation. It’s all about sharing your good relationships with others. He shares his tips of how to become a great podcaster. Listen to this amazing interview, to learn advises of an internet marketing guru from his entrepreneurial journey!