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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Master The Skill Of Digital Marketing , for Entrepreneurs & Online Startups with Josh Dennings

Aug 11, 2015

Josh Dennings is the founder of the Tropical Entrepreneur Show Podcast and guru of Digital Marketing. He is also the co-founder of the white labelling service for Western Australia’s largest digital marketing agency and Bangkok’s online marketing agency. Josh provide services for SEO, Pay Per Click Marketing, Content Writing, Customer Service and Sales.  



As the son of Australia's leading sales trainers, Josh was introduced to business books at a very young age. That and seeing salesmen working around him as a young boy inspired him to become a Digital Marketer. He thinks that introducing children to business books at an early age helps them in guiding and making their best career choices to start a successful business later in life. He also thinks that universities & colleges should bring in the internet marketing experts who are in the market, as teachers. The desire of making his website of financial services to be successful, he researched and learnt on his own about the digital marketing techniques at an early age, and that led him to start his own digital marketing agency. With that experience he thinks that many entrepreneurs & online startups, not knowing that having a website is not enough, is a huge problem. Business owners should know that there is not real value in digital marketing and everything basically is a test. They need to learn, implement, experiment, tweak and modify to get the maximized results. Josh explains thoroughly about the pros and cons of MLM & affiliate marketing. He also explains why affiliate marketing is a good choice for startups. People who want to build their businesses online can always start from affiliate marketing. He shares his favorite type of business which is hybrid services / DIY products, how it’s done and how can one build a leveraged income with it. He shares the trick of having DIY client's' income and cover the cost of all other services for one’s own business. Josh explains the benefits of living in a noble silence retreat for few months, that how it can design someone’s life and inspire them with joy, strength and power. He shares the secrets of how our minds controls us and what can we achieve from stillness of mind. How can we get rid of negative thoughts and get consciousness and ability to turn on the positive side of our minds. To free ourselves from the worry of what might happen tomorrow. Listen to this interview to know the inspiring life story of Josh Dennings!




"I'm going to get simple and proven marketing strategies from these self-made entrepreneurs, forming a true "Virtual Mastermind" so you can model them and experiment steady growth for your own business in the next 6 months"

- Fabienne Raphael