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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Jul 28, 2015

Ashley is a career and business coach. She is also a keynote speaker, empowering people in their twenties and thirties, around the world to discover their authentic careers and land more job offers.

Ashley got her masters degree in Department of War at Kings College of London. She thought that being interested in foreign affairs helped her as being a powerful coach. To her, if one wants to guide someone else it's very important knowing that what are his/her own passion. After coming back from the grad school she realized that she has to engage with people to put her passion into reality.

She thinks clarity always comes from engagement. When asked that is it essential to go to college or university for being in a business, Ashley thinks that it depends on personality type. There are many successful people who hadn't attended college but they are thriving and are successful. She thinks that everyone needs to be someone, and it can only be when they are a self-starter. She thinks that people choose to stay in a certain situation even though sometimes they feel that it's not for them, it’s because out of fear. She explained two conditions related to fear. Ashley believes in the quote that "most people live their lives in a state of desperation”.

She explained that successful people don't want to be in a comfortable state, because they know that the person they want to become is outside their comfort zone. Ashley has a theory regarding men that they are fearless when it's time to stand up for them, negotiating their creating opportunities versus women. She thinks that lot of women does have clarity in life but actually what they lack is believing in them. She thinks that people should grow up based on an idea of following their passion.

The main key thing is to going into networking without expecting any kind of return or favor. Your expectations in general put you into a victim mentality. Always go into networking with a positive feeling of being in service without having any expectations. For her the idea of competition is silly because she thinks that everyone has their own area of expertise. She believes in sharing and being in service to others. She thinks that opportunity is everywhere. According to Ashley, negotiation should be there to serve both parties. It doesn't have to be the way that someone has to win. Ashley’s marketing strategy to make her business grow is creating a column online, writing an effective content and serving her audience with it.

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