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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Jan 17, 2017

Today, meet a Marketing to Crush your Competitors Podcast Hall of Famer.

Danny Iny.

Why ?

Because he’s been on my show twice !

Like Jay Baer, Michael Port, Dorie Clark & Vernon Ross.

Danny is launching the 2nd edition of his book « Teach & Grow Rich ».

If you ever thought or doubted that you could really make it online, this is an episode you must listen.

The world has never been as eager to learn via the Internet as today.

And if you have something to teach and you use the right method, YOU can also succeed with your online business !

See, Danny explains things pretty well.

And if you decide to read his book, you’ll recognize that he is very methodical and that it is action-oriented. (And I know you love it when it’s action-oriented !)

Danny makes you finally stop doubting to make it as a successful online business owner, even if you don't have the credentials! (that you thought for so long that were essential for your success).

We go deep into several subjects, like education, like online marketing (the wrong and the right way), like how to craft the best online courses and many other things.

After listening to this, you'll feel uplifted and filled with action-oriented strategies.

Ways to Connect with Danny & Get the Book: