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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Nov 15, 2016

« What I've learned over the course of my years of just being involved in so many different things is that, granted you don't have to have single-minded focus, but lacking some focus really can kind of extend the process a little bit. »   - Anthony Lee

Anthony experienced it, I did too and you might also have.

Being an entrepreneur comes with the idea that we can make lots of things happen.

That would be great if we thought about only one thing at a time…

But in fact, we have the illusion that everything can happen and blossom at once!


Anthony and I start the conversation really diving in on why focusing on one thing is the key and how doing that can lead you to accomplish so many other things afterwards.


Anthony is also very generous in sharing one of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs do: thinking that they can do it all on their own. He gives you a couple of steps to take to make sure that you start your business the right way.


Anthony is an expert at selling lucrative private-label products on Amazon. And he explains what you can do to start that kind of business. I like that he insists on saying that it is not easy, but it is definitely doable. Too many people try to make the world believe they had an overnight success. And it is rarely the case.


We continue our conversation talking about how to select which product you want to sell and how like any other types of businesses; there is a risk-moment to it.


Then, we get into the differences and similarities between marketing an online business and marketing an Amazon listing.


And we conclude the interview with a tremendous piece of advice about when you should finally quit your regular job to be full-time on your business:


“The best thing you can do is commit to yourself that you're going to reinvest every dime for one year." So, when you start this, you just say, "Okay, it doesn't matter how successful I am. I'm working my job and I'm doing everything like normal for 12 months minimum, and then at the end of 12 months, we'll go ahead and reassess the situation."


And that, my friends, is the key to business expansion.


Enjoy this interview filled with great lessons and actionable strategies.


Ways to Connect with Anthony:

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