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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Jul 12, 2016

Name of guest : Kevin Rogers

I met Kevin a few months ago, at Titans’ Masterclass, an incredible event hosted by my friend Brian Kurtz.

Kevin is a copywriter who has an interesting and inspiring story.

He started his career as a broke comedian and explains how he fought his way to become the person he is today, and how the saying “Follow your Passion and the Money will Follow” is not necessarily true…

Technically, this saying would work under some conditions… Passion is definitely not enough!

We also explore how to embrace your true self and how to integrate who you are in what you do. Which is unfortunately a place where a lot of entrepreneurs fail, feeling that they have a boring story or that they should copy and try to be someone else instead of just putting themselves out there.

We rant a bit on the shiny object syndrome and then dive in into copywriting.

How to recognize when to hire someone to do it for you, why you should definitely develop your copy skills and many other things.

This was a very pleasant and sincere interview, where we laugh, we share, and we bring value… to you!


Ways to connect with Kevin: