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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Jun 7, 2016

Sheevaun is a business advisor, master coach, and energy thought leader. She founded Energetic Solutions, Inc to help entrepreneurs and individuals alike to achieve amazing results using uncommon ancient principles.


In this interview Fabienne and Sheevaun talked about healing oneself with the energy inside them. Sheevaun believes that energy is everything. She has been using it to build sales teams, marketing plans, get successful and has also discovered a formula for it. According to her there are certain meditation techniques by which one can not only heal themselves but also to make their businesses better. She explains in detail that how she's helping others to recognize and achieve it. Sheevaun shares the secret of why some entrepreneurs get stuck in their business and what's the main cause. She helps people in realizing the negative thoughts inside them and how to take control of it. Listen to this amazing discussion of healing powers with the help of positive energy!