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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Mar 15, 2016

Rick is the founder of Biz Academy Online, a course dedicated to cultivating passion, purpose and entrepreneurial business hacks. In 2001 his company became one of the US small business administration setup in 152 million. Rick is an award winning entrepreneur, nurse, veteran and speaker. Rick’s mission is “to build a next generation of 10x entrepreneurs. ”


In this interview Fabienne asks Rick about his mission and goal of helping others. Rick explains what is a 10x entrepreneur and how he is helping others to become one. According to him a 10x entrepreneur is someone who is not only an awesome businessman but also a great family person. Being a 10x in every aspect of life. Rick says there are 2 ingredients of life which makes you a successful human being and those are compassion to help others and discipline. Rick has this philosophy of 3 Ps which makes a greater impact in anyone's life: Passion, People & Profit. Because combining these 3 can lead you to a successful life. Rick explains in detail of how these 3 are linked together, how passion leads to profits and those profits can be used for making your loved ones lives better. Rick has a great story about his personal experience and how he became the person he is now because of that experience. He thinks that for an entrepreneur, having a bad experience in life is one of the biggest thing they can have, which can in turn have a positive effect on life later on. . .