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Marketing To Crush Your Competitors: Online Business - Marketing Strategies - Fabienne Raphaël

Oct 27, 2015

Jason is an internet entrepreneur, social media strategist and an experienced podcaster. He’s the co-founder of Internet Business Mastery, which is an online training platform for internet entrepreneurs and has a podcast as well.  Jason helps companies and individuals to develop an internet marketing strategy, particularly using podcasting, blogging and other social media strategies. He also conducts workshops on the topics of podcasting and internet marketing.


In this interview Fabienne and Jason discusses Facebook, podcasting and entrepreneurship. Jason shares why his Facebook group named Impact is booming so fast. He says there are a lot of other ways to have audience building but that doesn’t build a community. He wanted to build a community of people/customers interacting with his business, so he started a Facebook group. Facebook is charging for pages that’s why people are creating Groups which are free. Groups are now giving engagement and visibility inside someone’s news feed without having to pay. Jason loves the idea that internet has made it easy for people to be an influencer and make a difference in others lives. He says that he has made many people great internet business podcasters and it feels great. He loves how influencers are created and leveraged because it pays off very easily. Jason also shares the difference between podcasting in early days and now. He explains different ways that why podcasting is becoming very popular. If you want to know what Jason thinks about the statistic that “90% of online business die within first 120 days”, listen to this interview now!

You can learn more about Jason by joining his Facebook Group, "Impact".